LSX MPEG Encoder

You need the following software for this guide:

BeSweet & GUI or HeadAC3he
Bitrate Calculator
LSX Encoder - NOTE: Demo version, you can buy the full version online. Homepage
Nero - NOTE: Demo version, you can buy the full version online. Homepage

Note that LSX does not support 3:2 pulldown for 23.976fps NTSC movies but it's nevertheless possible to encode your movie at 23.976fps (let LSX complain about non-compliancy, it doesn't matter) but you must do step 8b in that case.

Step 1: Ripping

DVD2AVI requires that the VOBs have been prepared, e.g. do not contain additional studio logos, FBI warnings and such so SmartRipper is the ideal choice since it does IFO parsing.

Step 2: Create a DVD2AVI project

Step 3: Audio decoding

In order to get a direct AC3 to MP2 conversion in the highest possible quality using both azid and lame you can use either BeSweet or HeadAC3he.

Step 4: IVTC (if needed)

This step allows us to encode at the more space economic 23.976fps instead of the regular 29.97fps NTSC.

Step 5: Calculating bitrate

Step 6: Resizing and Subtitles

6a) create pseudo AVI
6b) Resize
6c) Add subtitles (optional)
6d) Downsample audio
6e) Frameserve

Step 7: Encoding

Step 8: Splitting to CDs

8a) Demuxing
8b) Pulldown (if required)
8c) Remux & Split

Step 9: Burn


This document was last updated on 06/19/02