Full Backup of Unfaithful (fullscreen ed.)

Programs needed:

CCE 2.5 (this is a demo and places a watermark on your encoded video)

This title illustrates some more advanced concepts in backing up a multi PGC title. It need to be ripped with DIF4U in the PGC mode (default). Lets look at the dvd structure in DIF4U.

As you can see VTS 06 is the main movie. VTS 03, 04, 05, 06, 08 are all selected as they are all above the default of 200 megs. Anything smaller than this isn't worth reauthoring.

In the main movie VTS 06 I have selected all the English audio streams and the English subtitles. I also checked Vobsub to enable the ripping of the selected sub. Click Do It! and let DIF4U and DoCCE4U create all the assets that you will compile in Scenarist. More info on this can be obtained in Doom9's Guide.

This is the PGC 1-3 from VTS 03. As you can see the PGCs all use Vobid 1 but the 2nd Vobid is only 15 frames as indicated by the oval. This can be ignored and therefore all the PGCs are really made up of a single Vobid. This VTS can therefore be ripped by PGC (default DIF4U).


PGC 12 from VTS 03 also use only Vobid 1 and the 15 frame can be ignored. PGC 13 only has the 15 framer. This short VOB IDs are used for command structure for the DVD and will be included in each PGC that's ripped.

After importing all your assets into Scenarist you will create a track for each Video asset. It will have 2 audio tracks for each video asset. Don't forget to select drop frame as default before starting the project. This will make sure all your assets are imported as drop frame.

PGC 13 is the only exception as it's only 15 frames it will be imported as a still menu. No audio tracks will therefore be assigned to it.

When your done creating all the tracks like the image to the left it will be time to create the chapter points for all the tracks.

Under the file menu you will find the export option. When complete fire up ScenChap

Drag VTS3.scp to the Input Script window.

Then click on the IFO tab and drag VTS_03_0.IFO to the IFO file window.

Click on the first PGC tab for VTS 03 and click Copy From IFO. Then choose the corresponding PGC for the tab your doing.

It will look like this after the 1st PGC is done. Do the same thing for the remainder of the PGCs that have chapters in them. Then click the Create New Script button.

Note: In PGC 1 the second cell should NOT have been made a chapter by ScenChap I don't know why it was. This is unusual and probably won't happen in other titles.

Now it's time to import the tracks back into Scenarist with the chapter points.

You will notice that PGC_01 now has 2 scenes were before it only had one. This scenes are the building blocks for the scenario editor.

Go to the scenario editor and drag Track 1 VTS_03_PGC_01_scn000 onto Title 1. This will create the 1st PGC and chapter1 for that scene. The ifo however shows no chapter for the 2nd scene in this PGC. Drag the 2nd scene for PGC 1 ( VTS_03_PGC_01_scn000 ) to the program box to create a cell.


Drag the rest of the tracks to the Title_1 Box to create the rest of the PGCs..

The last PGC (13) is supposed to have chapter 2 not 34. So fire up Rearrange Chapter dialog and drag that scene to the second position from the top.

Now your ready to compile this VTS

After Scenarist is done use IfoUpdate in the standard mode as described in Doom9's Guide

Now run IfoUpdate and select the following settings

1) Now Browse to the location of the original IFO file for this VTS. It should be located in the VIDEO_TS directory DIF4U created for you.
2) Now Browse to the location of the newly authored IFO from Scenarist. I setup Scenarist to save it to L:\Unfaithful43\VTS03\0\VIDEO_TS\
3) Finally I like to save the backup of the original IFO to the same location as #2

This Procedure is repeated for each VTS you reauthor.

VTS05 is below: You will notice the Title 2 has PGC 2 and 3 in it. The chapters are out of order. So create your tracks as above.

After dragging tracks 2 and 3 onto Title 2. Fire up the Rearrange Chapter dialog box again and move the 2nd scene to the bottom to get to the scenario at the left. VTS06 : The first 3 PGCs are representative of this VTS. You can see each PGC1 has all the VOB IDs for the entire movie. The other PGCs have parts of the movie that are already included in PGC 1 & a 15 frame VOB ID that u will use chapter 25 from PGC 1 to make it for the other PGCs. So just rip the 1st PGC with DIF4U and import the chapters as above and author the PGCs with the components of track 1.

As you can see from Title 2 the PGC 1 is made up of scn_1 (VOB ID 1/1 & 1/2) and scn_25 (the 15 framer).
PGC 2 is made up of scn_03 (VOB ID 1/4 & 1/5) and scn_25.



As you can see this is a simple title. After creating the tracks, import chapters, and then drag track 1 to Title 1 and track 2 to Title 2.

Thanks to Eyes`Only help and patience in reviewing this guide and his great work with DoItFast4U.
As well as the other authors of the software listed at the beginning of this guide.
Written by Sxcd1 May 2, 2003